How To Install Spring IDE Eclipse Plugin

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Spring IDE is a useful graphical development tool. It can make Spring application development easy. This article will show you how to install it as a Eclipse plugin.
 1. Install Spring Plugin From Eclipse Marketplace

  1. Open Eclipse, click ” Help —> Eclipse Marketplace”.
    help eclipse marketplace menu item
  2. Input “Spring IDE” in popup dialog, Click Enter key.
    search spring ide in eclipse marketplace
  3. Click Install button to install. After some time, all IDE related plugin list out. Choose them all. Click Confirm button.
    install spring ide eclipse plugin
  4. Choose “Accept terms of licence agreement”, click Finish button.
  5. When plugin installation complete, you need to restart Eclipse.
  6. After restart, you can see below picture which means installation success.
    spring eclipse plugin installation successful

2. Create Spring Java Project

  1. Open Eclipse, click ” File —> New —> Project ” menu item.
  2. Choose ” Spring Legacy Project ” in popup dialog. Click Next.
    choose spring legacy project
  3. Input project settings like below.
    spring project settings
  4. After click Finish button, you can see the project listed in Eclipse left panel. Because we choose “Simple Spring Maven” in step 3. So all Spring related jars has been added in the project.
    spring project in eclipse left panel
  5. If you choose “Simple Java” in step 3, you need to add the jars manually. You can click here to download the latest jars.
    download spring dependency jars page
  6. After download, unzip it to a local folder. Then add related jars into java project. You can read Spring Hello World Example Use Maven And Eclipse to learn how to add the jars to project.
  7. Spring use commons-logging by default, so you need to click here to download commons-logging jar lib file. Then add it to project build path.
    commons logging download page

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